Land degradation is a slow process driven by both natural and human determinants. The identification of the problem in early stage provides sufficient time to policy makers to intervene by implementing low cost policies. Sicily, the largest island of the Mediterranean, is an area of Europe among the most threatened with land degradation. The main processes leading to desertification are water and mass soil erosion, salinisation, soil organic carbon decline and soil aridity enhancement.


Soil degradation has a direct impact on the quality of water and air. Decline of soil fertility, carbon and biodiversity; lower water retention capacity,
disruption of gas and nutrient cycles and reduced degradation of contaminants are among the results of soil degradation processes. 'We did not inherit soil from our parents, instead we have borrowed it from our childs!' (Maasai African Proverb) We have to protect soil for our life and for the future generations life! 


Peloponnese is extremely susceptible to soil degradation,  due to unfavourable natural environment and man-made interventions such as extensive deforestation, forest fires and intensive cultivation of the slopes. For the two regions  soil protection is an important environmental issue. The project web-site is provide with a web-GIS application, that is a Soil Monitoring System tool, to identify risk areas and monitor protection measure applied by the regional authorities.

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