For CRA-ABP (Co-ordinating beneficiary)
Dr. Costantini Edoardo A.C.,  research director and project manager
Dr. Pellegrini Sergio, researcher
Dr. Vignozzi Nadia, researcher
Dr. Maria Fantappiè, grant researcher and project manager assistant
Ms. Chiodo Anna Maria, administrative staff
Mr. Aglietti Massimo, administrative staff
Dr. Bucelli Pierluigi, senior researcher

For EKPA (Associated beneficiary)
Prof. Dr. Taxiarchis Papadopoulos, partner leader
Prof. Dr. Kostantinos Kyriakopoulos
Lecturer Dr. Ioannis Alexopoulos
Dr. Vasilakis Emmanouil, Post Doctoral
Mr. Spyridon Dilalos PhD candidate in Geophysics

For Region of Peloponnese (Associated beneficiary)
Mr. Panagiotis Bazigos, (Forester) General Director of Peloponnese Region, partner leader
Mr. Panagiotis Kalliris, (Forester) Director of Local Forestry Authority in Corinthia
Mr. Konstantinos Pnevmatikos, (Geologist) employee in Department of Local Administration
 Autority in Corinthia
Mr. Stylianos Tzaferos, (Forester) employee in Forestry Department of Peloponnese Region
Mr. Minas Salamos, (Forester) employee in Local Forestry Authority in Corinthia
Mrs. Georgia Papadopoulou, (Administrator) employee in Administration Department of
 Peloponnese Region

For Region of Sicily (Associated beneficiary)
Dr. Fabrizio Viola, responsible work group, partner leader
Dr. Fabio Guaitoli, responsible work group
Dr. Maria Gabriella Matranga, responsible work group
Dr. Giuseppe Bono, technical member of work group
Dr. Vito Ferraro, technical member of work group
Dr. Gianfranco Urso, technical member of work group
Dr. Celeste Di Girolamo, technical member of work group

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